$285 Billion Market

$36 Billion in 2019 is expected to increase to $285 Billion in 2030


Awesome Team

World leading experts in security, transportation and technology.


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Backed by industry experts and investors in security and communication


Why Grip Mobility

For Rideshare Companies

  • Gain real time visibility into indiviual rides to ensure safety and accountability
  • Deliver meaningful product enhancements to create a more secure experience for passengers and drivers
  • Reduce risk of in-ride incidents which jeopardize the safety of drivers and passengers

For Insurers

  • Reduce ambiguity when assessing claims
  • Increase transparency to create a more efficient dispute resolution process

The Grip Mobility Solution


Passenger Hails Ride

Passenger orders ride through any ride hailing service (Didi, Uber, Careem, etc.)


Passenger Pick Up

Grip Mobility software automatically activates at pick up. Driver’s dash-mounted mobile phone begins streaming audio/video of vehicle interior. Stream continues even while driver uses navigation tools/external apps. Stream accessible by rideshare operator and/or designated third parties (family/friends)


Passenger Drop Off

Grip Mobility software automatically terminates audio/video stream when passenger is dropped off at destination. Licensee controls storage and flow of data for future use (i.e. dispute resolution)

Grip Mobility in Action

Using a driver's dash-mounted cell phone, Grip Mobility software provides an uninterrupted audio/video feed of the vehicles interior. This feed can be accessed by ride-hailing operators and designated third parties in real time to ensure safety, or stored in the Cloud for use by relevant parties in dispute resolution.


Our Team

Awesome and experienced team; creative and passionate about addressing the big problems that impact human lives, our goal is to solve the safety and security issues with today's transportation services.


Juliette Kayyem

Co-Founder and CEO

Juliette is a world renowned security expert in the public and private sector, advising companies like Airbnb, Walmart, and UPS. A national security analyst for CNN, she recently served as President Obama's Assistant Secretary at the Department of Homeland Security. She brings a background in leadership and management in the public and private sectors with a laser focus on safety and security.


Bilal Khan

Co-Founder and CPO

Bilal is an entrepreneur, veteran product and technology leader. Before founding Zemcar, a safe rideshare company, he was Chief Product Officer of Internet of Things advanced solutions business at Verizon. He also led global conferencing including video, audio, web and enterprise mobility businesses. Visual Voicemail app on all mobile phones also grew from an idea to millions of customers under his leadership. He holds Masters in Engineering and Management from MIT.

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